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Who is Lexy?

A little information about me and my art jounrey

  I am a 27 years old self-taught digital artist. I started creating and exploring the field of visual art as of young age and continued developing my passion trying out all kinds of different media. At first I used to create my artwork in a traditional way on canvas /paper with oil/acrylic/watercolors/pencil/pen and ink. I experimented and painted with coffee, wine, airbrush, tattoo machines and many other untraditional art media sources. Later on I was drawn into 2D digital art and started expanding my interests there. During this period the tools I used were Photoshop and Procreate. Further on I was introduced to Zbrush and started growing my love for 3D. I have multiple courses on the topic behind my back and have enjoyed them all to the fullest! One of them is a 3D Character Design course at SoftUni Creative with Zbrush in 2019. My hunger for knowledge and new skills is never satisfied so I continued growing my skills palette and it wasn't long before I started having interest in Blender. I found great comfort working with Blender and immediately started researching and educating myself. Recently I finished another 10 week course on 3D Character Design with Zbrush at CGzen.


  Here I have chosen to show some of my favorite 3D collections I have created during my journey of growth in visual arts, a few commissions and other 3D artworks I have done over the years.

  I am inspired by the mix of my own life experiences, my imagination, music, stories I read and hear. I like creating by reference image/concept or explanation but mostly I enjoy creating out of my own imagination/concept and bringing life to my characters by giving them a background story.



  • Zbrush

  • Blender

  • Substance Painter

  • PS

  • Procreate


  • 3D Sculpting

  • 3D Modelling

  • Custom Textures and Materials

  • Lighting Technique

  • Rigging

  • Animation

  • Creating by reference/explanation/concept

  • Creating by imagination

  • Simulations

  • Particle Systems

Contacts and social media


Social media

  • Twitter
  • Instagram

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